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fortunate [August 3rd, 2013]
[ mood | grateful ]

today I went to a yardsale and on the way home I flipped over my front handlebars of my bike (picture frame I was carrying shattered, but other is ok). Landed on my chin. I am completely fine, only the skin on my chin is bleeding and my ears kind of hurt. I have to wear this band aid for a bit until the scab develops on its own.

today is a day of reflection and seriously appreciating my body, my mind, and my life.


milestone-ing [July 27th, 2013]
[ mood | anxious ]

hello journal,

the past year has been really good for me! a lot of stuff has worked out in my favor and is making my life as a creative weirdo easier. feels good man.

A lot of: bagels and cream cheese, riding my bike, twin peaks, painting (walls and glass), thrift stores, reading, king of the hill, emailing, heat wave, sweat, beer, etc. Life is good and slow. Day dreaming about new england, can't wait to go. Miss my family. the ush.

I've also been eating way too much candy. Thinking about

tomorrow at the MCA in Chicago i'm projecting my drawings as part of a speech that's being given there (in association with the Saturday Strip: Comic Day event that is going on (!!))! The seven year old bastard in me drew this and tucked it into the presentation ~

"for the fuck of it" [October 11th, 2012]
[ mood | anxious ]

Photo 297
embracing the "good" while it's still here 

keep in touch [April 7th, 2011]
[ mood | artistic ]



slowly becoming comfortable with myself again

more than ever [February 16th, 2011]
[ mood | hungry ]

livejournal, I don't "need" you anymore like I did in high school
but you still make me feel safe
and hopeful

happy five years!


[January 24th, 2011]
[ mood | hopeful ]



work, work, work [December 7th, 2010]
[ mood | accomplished ]



I don't know what that means [November 12th, 2010]
[ mood | stressed ]


well it truly can get no worse than it is right now
happiness: take 3

let me guarantee [November 9th, 2010]
[ mood | tired ]


yep, it's that time of year again.
things are lookin' pretty glum

we don't come so often [October 16th, 2010]
[ mood | complacent ]

livejournal is dead

Yesterday afternoon I went to Evanston with my puppet class (I brought Colin) to see a puppet show. Colin and I walked around and talked about media censorship and crunched leaves (like real, new england leaves) until dusk! If nothing else, I had one night of pure autumn and that is okay. Jessie told me I looked pretty and invited me over. Colin and my teacher shook hands like gentlemen. The show itself was pretty ghey but that's why it was good to have Colin there. 

I came home and went to Quinn's and Jess and Jonathan were there. We drank straight liquor for about twenty minutes and Jess and I took turns wearing a helmet and throwing shit at each other. Jonathan went home so we went to Starbucks with Quinn and then he rode his bike into the black abyss and then Jess and I walked home together and she told me I was her best friend and I replied "you are mine tooooooo!" We hugged for a long time.

When we got home she passed out and I went upstairs and hung out with Annie and her three friends (who are from Boston what-what) and we drank a lot and danced. Pure lolz! They are pure fun and I appreciate/need that. 

I woke up with Annie and we walked to Jewel in our PJ's and bought hangover breakfast. She makes me act silly and feel loved. 

Today Joshie, Nina and I ate raisin toast and walked around and tried to buy Joshie a costume. He was especially giggly and cuddly and we had some sweet moments. 

Tonight Johnathon and I are going to see JACKASS 3 ston3d!!! 


starting to move on
so much love and no where to put it 

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